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Other places you can view The Packet Sniffers

CATS channel 3 public access in Bloomington Indiana
Check out their schedule to see air dates. Feel free to contact them and request our show to be aired if you live in the Bloomington area.

- a streaming internet TV station in association with Sean Kennedy. We are in the random rotation along with many other good shows.

Streaming Metro: A new streaming media service that is carrying The Packet Sniffers and many other videos from other producers.


Other sites by The Packet Sniffers

- Our production house

Dosman's old old DOS self help site:
DOS HeadQuarters

Other shows like ours and other media

There are so many video and radio shows popping up these days it's really difficult to keep an up-to-date listing anymore. So, first off, here are some sites that specialize in doing just that. After them is a smattering of random shows we like.

 - Get updates when new video and radio shows are released on the scene

File Farmer
Geed Video


- Today With A Techie - the only DAILY hardcore tech podcast

The first online TV show: ROX, with J&B

Squizzy Radio - Computers, gaming, bizarre discussions, ect.

- Infonomicon Radio and TV

- A radio show about love advice for geeks

Seattle Wireless TV

Hack TV over at Binary Revolution.

- actually several shows featuring Sean Kennedy

- Urban Exploration

DgZ - Digital Ground Zero

- The life of a hard core gamer


Other sites we like  

Irongeek - really nice video tutorials

Make: The first magazine for technology projects

Hack A Day

Twibright Labs

Sam Barros' Power Labs


BBS Documentary and textfiles.com

The home page of Andrew "Bunny" Huang - more notably known for some work with the Xbox...

Green Bay Professional Packet Radio projects mirror

Digital Ground Zero - Not only do they put out a TV show, they also have a fair amount of worthy online content.

Interactive Projects by Jonah Brucker-Cohen

Visit the Afroman, he is lonely:

BOFH style Excuse Server

The Hacker Purity Test (short)

The Original Hacker Test (512 Questions)

We are looking for public access networks interested in airing our show. If you are a cable access operator and want to air The Packet Sniffers please send us an email at contact[@]packetsniffers.org.

If you are a viewer and want to see The Packet Sniffers air on your local public access network you can become a local sponsor to get it on the air. Send us an email to find out how.


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