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Feedback for The Packet Sniffers episode 4


Less Optional:
.1.) How would you rate this episode overall?

Totally Kick-Ass!!
It was ok, I will watch for the next episode to be released
One or two segments where ok, I might watch another one
It was one big block of 'suck', except for a small part I liked
I wasted my bandwidth on this?


2.) How fast did the show 'flow'?

Way too fast
A tad too fast
Parts of it where too fast
Just right
Parts of it where too slow
Somewhat too Slow
Way too slow


3.) Which segment did you like the best?

Laptop stand for your car
Zach explains EFI
Bumper mounted video camera
Zach's Axiom Industrial Computer
ECU & the body computer
Retrieving trouble codes from your ECU - 3 key turn method
Zach rants about auto tech
Commodore - aka Holden Automotive
ECU modding tools
OBD Scan Tools - what are they?
Scantool.net OBDII scan tool and Digimoto software
DIY EFI - Mega Squirt
Remote Keyless Entry - how it works (KeeLOQ)
Extending the range of your RKE


4.) How did you hear about us?

Public access TV station
Rant TV
Forums (BinRev, Lemon64, ect.)
Other independently produced media (Squizzy Radio, ect.)
Word of mouth
Flyers posted in a public place
Other - please tell us down below

We are always looking for ways to improve the show. If there is anything that you think would make the show better please let us know. Tell us what you think!

Also, feel free to say hi or let us know about something you think would be cool to cover on the show. We regularly patrol the typical news sites but there's always cool stuff lurking un-noticed on the web.



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