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Done! NotaconTV is finished for 2005.

Hello Slashdot! NotaconTV needs bandwidth! If you will be attending and can bring a [large] 100MB switch and/or CAT5 to the con we will hit you up with free schwag! Contact us at contact[@]packetsniffers.org Thanks!

The Packet Sniffers will be hosting NotaconTV at the 2005 Notacon convention in Cleveland Ohio. Our goal is to showcase the efforts of those creating technical and hacking video shows to a greater audience.

We are looking for shoutouts and greetz from anyone that makes video and radio shows. Send us a short video clip announcing who you are and what show you represent. Don't have a show but you are well known for some other reason? You can send us something too. People love putting a face to a name.

Suggested format:
"Hi, I'm <name> of <show/site> and you're watching NotaconTV".

Of course if you want to get creative that would be great. Or if you have a new episode of your show that would be even better.

The devil is in the details:
We will need all content at least two days before the start of the event (By April 6th at the latest). If your video needs editing or is not encoded in NSV format for streaming please give us further time to convert it.

Just drop us a note at contact [at] packetsniffers.org for details on how to submit your video. We would prefer that it already be edited and encoded in NSV format, the Shoutcast streaming codec of choice. But we'll take whatever you got.

Other things you should know:
NotaconTV is a last minute idea presented to the Notacon convention organizers 4 weeks before the event. As such we will be the first booted off the available network('s) if we become a major bandwidth hog during the con. NotaconRadio and other network users have first priority. There's no guarantee that your clip will get used in the event of technical problems. But we'll be really grateful if you take the time to submit something :)

Also be aware we are not the official video and content producers of Notacon. We are not really affiliated with Notacon. Notacon will be doing their own official recording of all speakers and events at the con. We are just a couple guys trying to add something cool to the event and eat up all free bandwidth (j/k). We are grateful that the organizers are giving us a chance and we want to see this be a worthwhile endeavor.

contact [at] packetsniffers.org


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