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Episode 5

Original release date: September 8, 2005
Length: 42 minutes
Other: Available in English only at this time


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On our way to Notacon!
IBM POWER5 570 16way Unix system
Radman & Phiz
Interview - Echo
Zach destroys Citadel's luggable at Notacon - the aftermath
Interview - Notacon Event Organizers Froggy & Tyger
Zach reviews the Commodore SX64
Nathan revives Citadel's luggable - the resurrection
Notacon scavenger hunt wrap-up
Interview - Jason Scott

Notacon Radio
The BBS Documentary

Show Notes:
In this episode we go to Notacon and do some damage. Literally. Zach blows up a Compaq luggable, Nathan tries to fix it, and we also managed to squeeze in a few interviews when the smoke cleared. Zach reviews the Commodore SX64 and we have a montage showing off IBM's new POWER5 model 570 Unix server. It's a 16way system with LPAR capabilities (Similar to VMware).

The full interviews with Jason Scott and Froggy & Tyger are available available here.


Episode 4

Original release date: 07-04-2005
Length: 52 Minutes
Other: Available in English only at this time
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Laptop stand for your car
Zach explains EFI
Bumper mounted video camera
Zach's Axiom Industrial Computer
ECU & the body computer
Retrieving trouble codes from your ECU - 3 key turn method
Zach rants about auto tech
Commodore - aka Holden Automotive
ECU modding tools

OBD Scan Tools - what are they?
Scantool.net OBDII scan tool and Digimoto software
DIY EFI - Mega Squirt
Remote Keyless Entry - how it works (KeeLOQ)
Extending the range of your RKE

Show Notes:
See our automotive computing  page for further reading on all of the subjects covered in this episode. We shot this episode over the course of 6 months, this is our longest and most intensely produced show yet.


Episode 3

Original release date: 12-03-04
Length: 30 minutes
Other: Available in English only at this time
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IU Informatics Webfest
IDE64 Review
IBM’s Shark SAN Storage System - Repair Shoot
ANT8 Logic Analyzer Review
Rare NES Carts/GameAxe Review

IU Informatics Webfest Site
IDE64 Site
ANT8 logic analyzer from Saelig


Show Notes:

Yes, if you are shopping for xmas gifts for geeks this season you might want to watch this episode :). We had actually intended for this to be a Halloween geared episode but that didn't happen. We had to push a few segments forwards to future episodes because of lack of time to complete them.

Josef Soucek of the IDE64 team was kind enough to donate a 3.4 rev IDE64 board for us to review this episode. Thanks! We also filmed a LAN party hosted by the IU school of Informatics.  Nathan reviews a new toy, the ANT8 logic analyzer. And Zach wraps this episode up by covering some moderately hard to find NES carts and a review of the GameAxe portable NES console. Also included was some work performed on an IBM F20 Shark storage system shot earlier in the year.


Episode 2

Original Release: 9-15-04
Length: 29 minutes
Other: Available in English and Russian
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What is Hamvention?
On our way to Hamfest!
Stair dismount
Hard drive speakers
GPS/RS232 Splitter Cable Part 1
Hamfest - Saturday
The Packet Sniffers Present: The Commodore 128
Emmanuel Goldstein & Bernie S. Interview
GPS/RS232 Splitter Cable Part 2
Hamfest - Sunday Wrap-up

Hamvention Website (Hamfest)
Porrasturvat - Stair Dismount & Truck Dismount
Afrotechmods - originator of the hard drive speaker system
Delorme Street Atlas
2600 Magazine


Show Notes:

This episode was mostly shot in May during the 2004 Dayton Hamvention. If we had been thinking we would have gotten a press pass and saved ourselves some money, as well as gotten better parking :).


Episode 1

Original Release: 8-27-04
Length: 22 minutes
Other: Available in Chinese, English, and Russian

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RC Cars: Clodbuster & Super Blackfoot play with the cat
AS/400 - Bare chassis to working system in 60 seconds
The Packer Sniffers Present: The Commodore 64
Monitor Repair - revive a burned out monitor

Geocaching - where YOU are the search engine
IBM iSeries (AS/400)
http://www.c64.com - the current home of the C64 movement
http://www.hvsc.c64.org - High Voltage SID Collection

Other notes of interest:

The opening scene was just something that we thought would be fun and slightly dark and/or mysterious, but hopefully not too confusing to people. If you Geocache you'll understand, if not visit the Geocache site and learn all about it. We planted a diskette and showed it's GPS coordinates in case someone might be bored enough to actually track it down and see what we put there. It's not actually listed on the Geocache site though, it was just in the spirit of Geocache.

The iSeries/AS400 assembled was a model 825 that needed a system planar replacement for an engineering change. The customer (Dorel Juvenile Group of Columbus Indiana) allowed me to film while the work was done.



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