: TPS - Notacon 2005 :

We finally got out to a con. Notacon was the first con for both Z and myself. It was a great time but not for a lack of things going wrong. We met many interesting and cool people and made a lot of friends. I look forward to my next con, whatever that turns out to be.

Total hardware that broke:
1 digital camcorder
1 webcam mounted on vehicle
1 700W AC inverter
1 DVD burner gone flakey

All of these things may be repairable yet, I just have not had time to look at them.

For those that enjoy reading writeups, you may like my writeup here. Be warned, it's several pages long.

And for those wishing to find pictures, here are the few lousy pictures I took with my camera. We did shoot video while we where there although we missed a lot of good events. We'll post videos when we get a chance to edit them together.

And last but not least, thanks to Froggy and Tyger for hosting Notacon. Hopefully in years to come it won't be such a pain in the wallet for you guys.


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